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From 2003 to 2006 Teun Koolhaas was involved with follow-up of the IJ Meer Plan through a prestigious joint commission given by the municipalities of Almere and Amsterdam. Part of this project is the design of Almere Pampus, the newest settlement to be built within the poly-nuclear master plan of Almere. A bridge symbolizes the relationship of Amsterdam and Almere as a mother and a daughter city. With a planned population of 60.000 inhabitants, of which half will be living along canals and around harbours, Almere Pampus will be maritime in character.

Cutting edge in this project was the focus, not only on architectural and urban aspects, but also on the natural aquatic environment through the development of underwater-landscapes, marshes, beaches, islands, sandbanks, etc. The term "urban nature" is coined for such "manmade" developments.

The design approach for these long-term projects was at the same time down-to earth and romantic. The presentations were straightforward with simple models that the public could understand. The design-type, such as for poly-nuclear Almere, was of an open-ended nature that could be phased financially.

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